htmlrich_fichimagen.jpgPere Isern is a naturalist and nature photographer specialized in the fauna and flora of the high Pyrenees.

He works for the Environment of the Generalitat de Catalunya and also for the ONCFS French (Vallespir, Conflent...). He tracks wild animals like grouse ( alpine ptarmigan and capercaillie ), raptors ( golden eagle, osprey, vulture,...).

Moreover, he takes part in the project Gallipyr ( CEE ). A project aimed to study and menage galliformes in the Pyrenees. Besides, he is ACU Vice President - an organization in charge of the grouse conservation in Spain and Andorra.

His photograpfs have been published in many magazines such as National Geographic, Naturaleza Wild, Iris, SEO, Catalan Natura, and lots of nature books.

He has also lectured on the fauna and flora of the Vall de l'Alta Ter ( Eastern Pyrenees ) to preserve and maintain our high mountain ecosystems.

He has recently participated, as a member of the jury, in different photography contests such as Contest for Nikon Professional-2008 to 2015, photo contest Camprodon Valley.

Partner AEFONA and SCFN

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