Iberian lynx
Lynx ( LYNXP34 )
Lynx ( LYNXP46 )
Lynx ( LYNXP72 )
Lynx ( LYNXP91 )
Lynx ( LYNXP87 )
Lynx ( LYNXP23 )
Lynx ( LYNXP112 )


The Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus) listed in the 2002 critically endangered at present and especially in recent years, its population has experienced a noticeable increase. In the census of 2015, it accounted for 404 units. Sierra Morena exceeds 300, with the Natural Park of the Sierra de Andújar (main population of Iberian lynx which is the world).

This beautiful cat is in the Mediterranean forest and scrubland, where the rabbit is 90% of your diet. It also consumes ungulates, partridges, ducks .....

Among the physical characteristics worth mentioning his ears finished in a spiky brush black hair and long sideburns hanging from his cheeks.

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