The otter
The Otter ( LUTRAL64 )
Family otters ( LUTRAL17 )
The otter ( LUTRAL55 )
The otter and the heron ( LUTRAL26 )
Family otters ( LUTRAL51 )
Eating trout ( LUTRAL44 )
The Otter ( LUTRAL67 )

The otter (Lutra lutra) is a carnivorous mammal of the mustelid family that lives in the aquatic environment. Although the male is usually larger than the female, it has little sexual dimorphism. The waterproof skin allows them to conserve the heat of their body. They can remain submerged for up to 6 minutes without surfacing.

Extinction in northeastern Catalonia, a reintroduction program in the Aiguamolls de l'Empordà (1995) with a population imported from Extremadura, has allowed the species to have spread throughout the Eastern Pyrenees. The 2013 in the Portella de Mantet (Alta Vall del Ter) and at 2437 m was photographed a copy that crossed to France .......

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