Male ( RUPICAPRAR214 )
Female and kid ( RUPICAPRAR811 )
Young male ( RUPICAPRAR87 )
Female and kid ( RUPICAPRAR113 )
Herd chamois ( RUPICAPRAR23 )
Two kids ( RUPICAPRAR847 )
Male in zeal ( RUPICAPRAR500 )
Female and kids ( RUPICAPRAR849 )
Herd chamois ( RUPICAPRAR265 )
Female and kids ( RUPICAPRAR517 )
Male in zeal ( RUPICAPRAR336 )
Chamois running in the snow ( RUPICAPRAR822 )
Male in zeal ( RUPICAPRAR480 )
Male and female in zeal ( RUPICAPRAR494 )
Males in zeal, persuit ( RUPICAPRAR506 )
Chamois to get ( RUPICAPRAR372 )
Male ( RUPICAPRAR1013 )
Avalanche and chamois ( RUPICAPRAR1045 )
copulation ( RUPICAPRAR395 )

The chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) is the most abundant bovine and most characteristic of our mountains. In the Natural Park of the Ter and Freser Headers (Eastern Pyrenees) it counted more than 3,000 in the last census of 2015 is a slim and agile ruminant, which climbs the rocky alpine or grass in groups that can exceed animals  percent in the meadows and clearings of the subalpine forests.

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