Red rutting season
Red rutting season ( CERVUSE164 )
Red deer ( CERVUSE65 )
 Red rutting season ( CERVUSE12 )
Red rutting season ( CERVUSE04 )
Red deer ( CERVUSE50 )
Red rutting season ( CERVUSE08 )
Red deer ( CERVUSE126 )
Red deer ( CERVUSE144 )
Red rutting season ( CERVUSE23 )

The common deer (Cervus elaphus), also called European deer is a species widely distributed by the northern hemisphere. Large ungulate with marked sexual dimorphism; the males adorn their head with an impressive antlers that renew every year and that allows them to establish their rank against other males in the spectacular fights during the berrea or period of zeal.

In the Iberian Peninsula there is the subspecies Iberian deer (Cervus elaphus hispanicus) of small size and with the thinner horns. In the Pyrenees can appear individuals product of the union of both species.

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